5-Axis Milling Advancements

5-Axis Milling Advancements

The manufacturing industry has developed so much in recent years, and the methods of manufacturing have also become more advanced than ever. One of the biggest examples of this scenario is the 5 axis milling methodology.

What is 5 axis milling?

It is an advanced cutting method that runs with the computer numerical control or CNC to create quality parts. When it came to the market for the first time, it was too costly to be used by most of the manufacturers, but nowadays, it is easily available to the manufacturing world. It runs on the same principle of sculpting. With this highly advanced cutting tool, one can get a large material and cut it off until the main object is the only thing that is left.

Before 5 axis milling machine came into the market, 3 axis mailing was there which only operated the X-, a Y- and a Z-axis for the movement of a cutting machine. But the 5 axis milling now allows the machine to move with the A and B axis as well. It is used for a quick, smooth, and complete design. Though the configurations can be different for different machines, the basic is the same for all of these. It does the work efficiently at once. With 3 axis milling, one has to rotate the parts manually, but with 5 axis milling, the machine itself takes care of everything.

It is an ideal tool for making complicated designs and that’s why CAD and CAM software are needed for running it smoothly. These mills and machines are mostly used in heavy work such as aerospace applications, the medical industry, etc. If there is something that can be done with 3 axis milling, with 5 axis machining, one can do it quickly and efficiently.

What are the benefits of 5 axis milling?


As it is made using modern technology and can move in 5 directions, it can do the work quicker than other milling methods. It requires less manual engagement and can find better angles for more efficient cuts. With all these factors, it requires less time to finish a complex project.


With this machine, your work would be done with accuracy. Even with the most complicated designs, this method can do its work without any messes.

Shorter cutting tools

This method allows using shorter cutting tools. It can finish deep cutting with accuracy and with reduced vibration, it gives a smooth finish within a short period. It does not use excessive pressure but can give whatever you want with efficiency.

Complex shapes

5 axis machining has the ability to create complex shapes and designs. With the additional movements (A and B movement), it can use all the machining angles to create designs and shapes.

Few setups

It requires very few manual settings and is easy to access.

Business opportunities

It has opened a new path of opportunities. With this, new services and products are being introduced in the market having more efficiency and a smooth surface finish.

Why 5-axis milling machine is advanced than other cutting methods?

5 axis milling runs with the help of CNC, and it is undoubtedly advanced than other cutting methods. The number refers to the directions a cutting machine can rotate. When a 2 axis milling machine can rotate on X and Y sides and 3 axis milling can rotate on X, Y and Z sides, a 5 axis milling can rotate on X, Y and Z sides along with A and B sides. It is the most complex movement a cutting tool can move through. It gives an all-at-once effect and requires less manual effort.

The CAD and CAM software can be very advanced when it comes to a 5 axis milling machine. Besides providing a myriad of programming options, sometimes they also provide collision avoidance and post-processors for making things simple. This machining is also ideal for making complex 3D shapes as well as traditional machining.

Where 3 axis milling is suitable for the parts not too deep, 5 axis milling is suitable for all those parts which need deep cuttings and designs along with a smooth surface. Making efficient designs is a need for every manufacturing company and this method is ideal for that. We can say that 5 axis milling is the most advanced cutting method as

  • It requires less time
  • It requires less labour
  • It requires less set-up
  • It leaves the surface area smooth
  • It gives an efficient finishing
  • It is ideal for complex manufacturing
  • It makes the work done at once
  • It is what manufacturers need for creating more efficient designs.

Ways to make 5 axis milling machine more productive


5 Axis Miling

Guide curves

This is a finishing operation that allows the creation of tool paths on the machining area. It gives you control over the machining path so that you don’t have to waste your precious time trying to figure out the direction to project that. Besides that, you can have the access to the tool axis control. This makes the machining process smooth automatically while moving from one position to another. It is a tip that helps you finish your work more smoothly and efficiently.

Using barrel cutters

If you are working on a curved and sloped surface, you can use barrel cutters to speed up the process by 70% and get great finishing.

Tilt the tool

Tilt the tool away from the pockets to avoid tool holder collisions. You can use shorter tools for accurate cutting, vibration reduction, and great finishing on the surface part. Program the tool path to avoid any collision with the data surface.

Multi-axis adaptive roughing reduces cycle

It is the fastest way to remove material and save time. A 5 axis process allows you to get closer to the part that can reduce finishing cycle times. Adaptive milling allows you to reduce the radial depth of cut to 20%-25% of the tool diameter, but at the same time, it increases the depth. It is also able to remove 69% of the machining time along with providing you with secured cutter wear.

Besides those, one can also go for Turbomachinery milling machines, impellers and blisks to shorten the time. It has many advancements nowadays, such as multiple stripe cut level support, Tangent Barrel tool support, Custom stock offsets, etc. With the help of them, one masterpiece can be manufactured perfectly.

Handlings of 5 axis millings

It depends on the machines and manufacturers that whether swivel heads, rotating tables, or trunnion tables would be used. These all are the advancements of 5 axis millings so that every type of work can be handled differently. As an example, trunnion or table machines are developed with the capacity of holding pieces that are larger in volume. It uses an A-axis to move around the X-axis and on the other hand, it uses a C-axis to rotate around the Z-axis.

When it comes to the Swivel-rotate machine, it is perfect for heavier parts as the table doesn’t move around as in the previous one. It also has lesser tool interference and for this, it is more versatility. It rotates the B-axis around the Y-axis and the C-axis around the Z-axis.

Where is 5 axis milling used?

Previously, this methodology was only being used to create aerospace equipment, but nowadays, this is being used in other industries as well. Because of its increasing availability, other industries are also using it for better products and services. Even if the work can be done by a 3 axis machine, people use 5 axis milling machine for better finishing and detailing. The other reason is that it requires less labour and increases productivity.

This machining is commonly used in:


This is used here to create smooth shapes with fine edges. Aerospace applications are complex and unique and they need to be done with professional care. As 5 Axis milling is outstanding in creating deep cutting. Using this technology allows it to stay accurate for a long time.


It is used in the medical market nowadays as it can boost productivity and make things perfect to meet healthcare standards. These products have smaller details and that’s why this methodology is needed as medical science is also getting advanced.

Military equipment

Besides military planes, it is used for submarine parts, fighter jets parts, turbines, smart weapons, rifles, high-performance engine parts, nuclear weapons, and so on. All these things are complicated and that’s why this process saves both time and money.

Other equipment

Products that contain complexity and detailing need 5 axis machines to be created properly. It reduces the labour cost and makes things easier.

Ending Words

The process of manufacturing products has been changed with the advancement of technology. Nowadays, every manufacturer feels the pressure to deliver a perfect service or product in less time. That’s the reason why the advanced 5 axis milling machine is becoming famous in every industry.

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